Spawn Update


Hello! Thank you for coming here to read this curious notification! I have good news, excellent news! Spawn Update is finally out!
What's even better, it's not just spawn! The UI was updated, and there is a new animal!

⭐ General Changes
- Server now natively supports 1.20.4
- Top-Screen UI now has 3 display modes: Spawn (displays currency amount), Wilderness (displays a compass), Dungeons (displays dungeon information)
- Added a fullscreen AFK notification
- New Spawn

🌲 Wilderness
- Added a new mob: Grizzly Bear. It spawns in forests.
- Added Random Teleport Scroll and Home Teleport Scroll items.
- Added Sculk Portal item. Allows you to create portals that connect distant places.

🎨 Visual & Sound Design
- Added an ‘ESC’ logo
- Added bush trampling sound
- Added birds escaping sound that triggers sometimes when players are cutting trees or running through a forest.

🔧 Details
- Improved performance of the server
- Fixed a lot of bugs
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