DandyCraft Comeback! We missed you!

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Hello Crafters!

We missed you! And all the old good days we spent playing together on DandyCraft. For this reason, I've decided to remake the server and make it better than ever. What new features are waiting for you? Let's get right into it.

  1. We have decided to wipe the whole server and start from scratch. To rebuild the economy and make it even better. So, we have created a new survival world.
  2. Vanilla survival is not cool anymore? We hear you for this reason, we have decided to add a custom dungeon full of custom mods and item drops! While playing survival and killing mobs in the overworld, you can find special keys that gain you access to our new dungeons!
  3. Admin Shop, where you can simply buy all the items is boring, so we have decided to add only the most important items. The rest you can find in the overworld.
  4. New two Currencies - Gold and Gems
  5. Daily Rewards - get rewarded for joining daily on the server.
  6. Quests - complete the quests to get amazing rewards
  7. Guilds - We have added 3 guilds (Slayers, Miners, and Ranchers) where you can complete the quests for the guilds to earn their trust and gold.
  8. Adventure Pass - each time you gain the next reputation level, in any Guild, another reward in the Adventure Pass will be unlocked.
  9. Forge - a special place where you can combine various ingredients to create very powerful items
  10. Premium Store - purchase Lifetime Ranks, Boosters, Pinata, Premium Adventure Pass, and Create Keys for Gems.
  11. Skills - upgrade skills by doing various tasks to unlock valuable stat boosts, abilities, and more!
  12. Ancient Traveler - here you can find rare items that cannot be purchased otherwise
.. and much more!

What are you waiting for? Join now!

IP: mc.dandycraft.net
Version: 1.20.2
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